Basic Ballet


Our basic ballet course for kids from 5 to 6 years old. In this class the kids learn to move fundamentally to Music and develop their sense for rhythm, coordination and group formation which are the fundamental elements of classical ballet.

Kids will learn Pantomime and Mime and the basic skills of moving gracefully alone, and harmoniously by twos or in a group.

This preparatory class is very important in developing the love for movement and the joy that one experiences when moving to music.

We are aware that in every child is a potential dancer. This is our passion to waken that ability and gift in every child. And this we do with dedication and commitment.

Pointe class Tuesdays

Our school teaches the Vaganova Technique in classical ballet.


In our various ballet classes, children and youth learn to move gracefully through the methodology of the famous russian ballet pedagogue Agrippina Vaganova.


We teach the complete program of the Vaganova Technique up to the level of professional Theater Dance.


Children who continously develop the love and passion for dance reach with ease the pointe class level, which is the dream of every female ballet dancer.


Pointe Class Mondays



We offer Jazz/Musical Dance to young people in our school. In Jazz class, we do a mixture of various styles to create an entertaining and energy-filled class.


One can experience a mix of classical and modern Jazz, Latin Jazz and HipHop in our Jazz class. A combination which guarantees sheer pleasure and fun.


To make this class a well-rounded experience, we incorporate learning of choreographies from famous musicals like Cats, Chicago, Moulin Rouge and much more. this is an integral part of this class.


We offer Modern/Contemporary Dance to young people in our school.


Participants of this class learn to use their impulses to create various forms of movements: fluid and gracefully rounded on one hand and sharp and cuttingly edgy on the other hand. Participants learn to use their energy to create a variety of movements with a conscious and constant awareness of the gravity that constantly pulls them to the floor.


Through continous practice of the principle of contraction and release, participants develop a fluid dynamic that is characteristic of Modern Dance. 

HipHop Kids


HipHop Girls is our dance course for girls between 8 and 12 years old who do not wish to dance ballet by all means.


A founded HipHop/Jazz technique taught in this class enables the girls participating in this class to develop a strength of movement and a style solely their own which clearly tistinguishes them as a HipHop dancer.


Energy and powerful movement is constantly emphasized and trained in this class and so that the girls learn to support feminine movement with dynamic and style. All girls who love to be cool are welcome in this class.



Boys Dance is the ultimate dance course for boys in our school. Boys who wish to develop as HipHop dancers and BreakDancers / Movers will surely find their permanent place in the classes we offer.


Some of the boys we already trained develop into fine acrobats and even advance to more serious and more professional levels of dance movement: that which we finally call: "great dancing" esp when the boys really discover their own styles and evolve as moving personalities and dance artists. This is absolutely fun and exciting!


Naturally active boys could already begin from six years old in the first class (BoysDance 1) and eventually advance to the middle level boys group up to the youth group after some years of training with us. Here we guarantee pure action!


We offer a wide range of possibilities for adults who wish to move and enjoy the pleasure of movement through dance.


From classical ballet to Jazz, we welcome anyone who wishes to move and enjoy the company of fellow participants while moving to music. Be it to classical ballet music or to the more lively rhythms of Jazz, we encourage each one to just enjoy every moment spent in our classes.


For those who wish to strengthen their core and muscles, we have a gymnastic course where one can enjoy both slow and well-controlled movements to more dynamic exercises which aim to strengthen muscles and the body in general.


Everyone is welcome to join a free trial lesson. Just feel free to call us for a schedule. 

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