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In this page we announce the names of dance pupils who showed consistent and remarkable improvement in their dance lessons. This is a way of encouraging our pupils to give their best in every class they attend and to come regularly to their classes, as regularity is the only secret to a successful and founded study of dance.




Aidan is our pupil of the month. He is one of the boys in our breakdance class and is also a member of the EVOKE Ensemble 2020-2021.

Aidan has shown considerable progress in the last months since we resumed classes after the CORONA-Lockdown.


We wish Aidan more succeess and lots of fun in the dance classes he is participating in.

JUNE 2019

July 2018


These two girls are sisters. 

They both came as little girls of 4 & 5

to our school.


Today they are making enormous progress

in dance.

We are preparing these girls for

possible participation in ballet competitions

here in the country.


We hope they continue to enjoy their classes

at our school

and wish them more pleasure in dancing

and lots of success

in their trainings.

Vera doing her stretch at the barre. MAY 2017

Freya Maria (Ballet 1, 7 yrs. old) - Dominik (Boys Technique, 12 yrs. old) Summer 2014

Eveline, Swetlana and Manon. Pupils of the Month February 2014.
Diana and Julia. Pupils of the Month January 2014

Pupils of the Month December 2013

Ballet 3&4 Class Tuesdays. Swetlana, Diana, Christina, Greta, Evelyn, Julia & Manon.
HipHop Boys Youth Wednesdays. Simeon Pohl, Jan & Fynn Uphus.

Pupils of the Month November 2013

HipHop Girls Kids1 - our pupils of the month November 2013.

Pupils of the Month: October 2013 - Boys Dance 2

Julian, Tarek, Dominik, Kevin, Kev and Nico

Pupil of the Month: July - Svetlana Martyn

SVETLANA MARTYN - Ballet 2 pupil.
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