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Zoogeschäft FRESSNAPF!!!

(Entrance to our school is thru the glass door on the left side of the pet shop FRESSNAPF!)

Spruch des Tages:

"Übung macht die Meisterin/den Meister!"

Dieser Spruch trifft genau für die Tänzerin/den Tänzer!


RHEINE. Die Stadt in Bildern.

Der alte Marktplatz in der Morgendämerung.

Samson's notes on the city.


RHEINE is a beautiful tiny city (ca. 55.000 inhabitants) bordering the state of Lower Saxony in the east and The Netherlands on the west of Germany. The city is located in the district of Steinfurt and is the next city to Münster. The city is divided by the river Ems giving it a truly interesting and beautiful landscape and structure. The city has a really beautiful old marketsquare where one can still regularly enjoy an open-air market tradition on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

At Christmastime, the marketsquare is all ablaze with lights from the beautifully decorated christmasmarket stalls which offer an array of gift items and other interesting things. It also becomes a beloved meeting place for city inhabitants both young and old at this time of the year. The city organizes presentations throughout the christmasmarket season beginning on the first Advent til Christmas Eve.

Restaurants, Cafes, Bars and tiny Fashion Shops are also to be found in the marketsquare which is adjacent to the newer City Hall Square where one can find more such shops and cafes.

Our school is located right at the banks of the River Ems at the main meeting/shopping point of the city which is Ems Einkauf Center (Ems Shopping Center). This is a 100-year old beautifully renovated building which originally was a textile factory. Today a frequently visited shopping complex where one finds department stores and all sorts of smaller shops, bistros, cafes and government and private offices. The most interesting cultural feature of this shopping center is, it houses our ballet school (Ballettschule Samson Cabantac) and a textile museum. 

Die Ems.
Das Handelskontor an der Ems.
Das Ems Einkauf Center. Hier finden Sie die Ballettschule Samson Cabantac.
Der große Parkplatz beim Ems Einkauf Center (EEC). Linke Seite.
Der große Parkplatz im EEC. Rechte Seite.
Die Ballettschule Samson Cabantac im EEC, Rheine. Unser Eingang steht links vom Zoogeschäft TIERGARTEN.
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