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Humboldtplatz 4, 48429 Rheine  EEC - Ems Einkauf Center  _____________________

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Unser EINGANG ist neben dem

Zoogeschäft FRESSNAPF!!!

(Entrance to our school is thru the glass door on the left side of the pet shop FRESSNAPF!)

Spruch des Tages:

"Übung macht die Meisterin/den Meister!"

Dieser Spruch trifft genau für die Tänzerin/den Tänzer!


About us...

Samson Cabantac Ballet School in Rheine is definitely for those who wish to learn the various styles of Theater Dance and Show Dance and also for those who wish to refresh their previous skills in dance.

Samson Cabantac, a professional actor, dancer,  singer and dance and music pedagogue with long years of professional and teaching experience conducts the courses in both music and dance.

In his classes, he gives great emphasis on the correct learning of the fundamentals of dance technique and encourages and inspires the pupils to develop the joy and pleasure in dance movement, strength for technical execution and depth of emotional and artistic expression.

In our school children can learn step-by-step and continually develop from their pre-school years up to the advanced levels in pointe class including repertoire and pas de deux.

For those who continually develop their passion for dancing and singing so that they finally decide to pursue professional education in dance and voice, we offer a preparatory education for theater dance and musical theater which is the prerequisite for auditions in dance academies and musical theater schools.


Our Music department makes sure that candidates for audition develop a strong vocal technique and simultaneous with their dance training at our dance department, we prepare these candidates by developing their strengths in technique and expression.  Our school commits itself to dedicated training and preparation of such pupils up to their final auditions in the academies or musical theater schools in the country or even abroad.


Samson Cabantac Ballet School (RHEINE) is a member of the German  Dancers and Dance Teachers Association (DfBT).

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