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Alexandra Corona & Samson Cabantac dancing Grand pas de deux in Tchaikovsky's "NUTCRACKER" 2023.


     Samson Cabantac Ballet School in Rheine City, North-Rhine Westfalia, Germany, offers courses in Classical Ballet (Basic Level, Graded Levels, Pointe Class, Repertoire and Pas de deux), Musical Dance, Modern/Contemporary Dance, Folklore, and BoysDance for Kids and Youth. 

     In partnership with the City's Cultural Service Office we hold classes offered by the Jugendkunstschule Rheine (Youth-Arts-School Rheine) in our school. Please check the offers on our homepage.

     We also offer Ballet and Pilates to adults (with or without prior experience) in relatively small groups.

     Lessons in Vocal Training for Musical and Pop are available for all age groups. (Lessons are individual, no group classes. For 8 years and upwards) 

     Interested parties may ask for a free trial-lesson at any time, call us and we will be glad to arrange a trial-class for you in our numerous on-going dance courses.

     Our extensive Picture Galleries will give you an idea of our dance activities and projects.

Also check: for more pictures from our school projects.

     You will find a short description of the courses we offer under "Courses we offer".

     We look forward to meeting you in one of our classes soon!

      Your BSC Rheine Team

Final Reverence. Tchaikovsky's "NUTCRACKER" Production at the Stadthalle Rheine on May 27, 2023

Our School's History.

Founded on the 10th of January 2005, the school was first located at Walshagenstr. 2, 48429 Rheine City. A rather insignificant street, but house No. 2 offered the perfect location for a small ballet school which began with 40 pupils. Its foundation came as a necessity when these 40 children taught by Samson Cabantac in another school suddenly lost their school because the propreitress decided to close its doors to begin a new career in one of the more known institutes of the city, having received a post to teach there.

Walshagenstr. 2 is a 100 year old house transformed into a small sport hall for martial arts and the like. When we found it, it was already abandoned for many years. When we occupied the building this corner of the street suddenly became lively with children coming in and out of our school doors from midday til evening, monday to friday and the music that accompanied the classes.

The first courses offered were dance and music lessons. The school was successful to train children and youth who were talented and enthusiastic to learn the performing arts.

The first year was ended with a production of a full-length ballet production Samson Cabantac created fitting exactly the structure of the school. So "Der Verzauberte Garten" (The Enchanted Garden) was staged first at the Auditorium of the Kopernikus Gymnasium (Kopernikus High School) in Rheine. One of the State High Schools of the City. Thereafter, all succeeding yearly productions were staged at Theater der Obergrafschaft Schüttorf, a neighbouring town in the State of Lower Saxony. A beautiful small State Theater which also provided the right stage for a small school. This ended in 2014 when our school was finally recognized by the Cultural Office of the City of Rheine. 

In 2015, right on time for our 10th Anniversary production, we were offered to stage for the second time the full-length ballet "The Enchanted Garden" this time with double as much children and youth dancers as it was during its first staging in 2006.

The school needed to move to a bigger place, so in 2011 we moved to the Ems Einkauf Center, a busy shopping center housed in a historical building; a former textile factory now protected by the city for its historical significance. This building is owned by an architectural company and the owner even created a beautiful ballet room on one of the corners of this historical textile factory which is our school's current venue.

Corona Times.

The spread of the deadly CoVid 19 Virus did not spare us from damage and loss. Besides a fatal storm flooded our ballet room which made us unable to use it for almost a year. These were truly difficult and trying times for our school. But God is always Good, today we are still operating, though reduced in attendance, some of our classes stay firm and intact. God willing we will see better days again til the end of 2023. 

To God be the Glory and Honour, He is still in Control.

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